Friday, October 9, 2009

Six Days in a Row

Well, I'm rushing to get this in under the wire. I had a weird day today and I was not happy with dh. He was not cooperative until I gave him the silent treatment which is extremely difficult for me, since I love to talk and have had to for the both of us since he lost his ability to speak coherently about a year ago. Of course, I got angry about some plans that should have been smooth, but were anything but this time, and I started to complain. He understood my frustration, but when we returned home, I never got my head on straight and the afternoon just dwindled into no accomplishments until now. I just finished whipping my craft room into some semblance of order so that I won't be embarrassed in front of my stamping girlfriends. I have my lunch menu set for them now as well. I was gonna get a Christmas card prepped for them to make...this one in my blog, but it didn't get done. I'll be rushing off to bed right after I post, so that I can get up early and sweep, mop and do a bit of dusting. Then off to get some bagels for breakfast before they arrive. In between that, I will find time to assist dh with getting dressed. I will be super busy. So, this card is so clean & simple that a child could make it. The stamps are all SU. I used by Nestie for the small mat. Any small Christmas themed stamp could be used in place of the Santa hat; a present, a snowflake, bells, a small ornament, pine cones. I plan on making about 10 of these for sending out. The embellie is called a 'glitter done' from Crystal Stickers by Mark Richards. I bought them in silver too from Hobby Lobby.
Be well friends and enjoy your weekend...and most of all get a little stampin' done, will ya'?
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Yosha said...

Oooh that's a great card! I think I have that set and I am always stumped as how to use it!

On a seperate thought would you send me your email pls? Mine is I am not sure what the laws are in posting recipes, especially ones that are not really tweaked, so I can't take any credit for it!

I can email you the Red Wine Chocolate cake recipe. Oh also if you have a minute may I get a copy of your eggless scones? Thank you!