Monday, June 29, 2009

A Study In Blue

Well, good morning....I am going to just do a quick post as I haven't gone to bed yet. That'd be OK, if dh would let me sleep babysitting...Yippie! That situation is about to change. A failure to comunicate with dd and her dh, muddled up my lifestyle. It's about to be fixed and I will soon have DAYS, as well as the wee hours of the night to pursue my addiction.
Here's a pocket card I made which was included in a set of cards I gave away. I like how it turned out. I kept it monotone. I used my CB and some clear stamps. I got the measurements for this from Amanda at Ink Inspirations, but I can't find her blog. I should have it in my list on the sidebar, not sure why I don't. As soon as I find it, I will add it.
I hope everyone enjoys their week and is blessed by Him

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Friday, June 26, 2009

I Blew It..

I don't quite know why it's so difficult for me to post in daily. I make the commitment in my head but it doesn't actually translate to doing it. I have several cards and projects to show, so the only excuse I can think of is that I enjoy reading other stampers' blogs more than I do posting to mine. I was shocked to discover that I subscribe to 90! YIKES. I try to read them all at least every other day. Of course, that leads to other blogs and I'll bet I read upwards of 150. I probably should cut back to 75 subscriptions or so, but I would have a super difficult time paring my list down. I could let go of 5 or so without remorse, but more than that....well I would surely develope blog subscriber remorse.
So, here is one of my cards for viewing. I used Nesties labels, CB folder and MS punch. I used SU paper, stamps. OK, so no commitment for tomorrow. Maybe that way, I will post. You know, kinda' reverse logic of a sort.
I hope and pray my legions of fans has a fun-filled weekend. The weather here is a bit too warm now, but I'll bet it's ideal in many parts of the country.

Blessings, Erica
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vicki's cardbox

Good evening....whoopie, I'm on my 2nd straight day of haven't set a record yet. That comes tomorrow. This first pic is of my new kitten. Scroll down for that story. Also scroll down not quite as far for the card-related post. Not sure why Star ended up first as I selected the photo after the cardbox pic. Sooo much to learn about blogging. So, here is the cardbox I made for the card posted yesterday and 4 others which will follow in days ahead. There's that luscious paper. It's on sale at Joann's for 23.99, this week. Comes in a sturdy box and there are 300 sheets, (from K & case you didn't read my yesterday's post.) I have so much dp now. I am not buying anymore for as long as I can stand it. Besides, I am going digi as much as possible in the future.
I had a tough time with the measurements of the box. I have been using a template for it for the longest and for some unknown reason, it seems to have gotten smaller and I had a difficult fitting the envies. I had to "remake" it by hand. It didn't take long as I had the template to work with. You can see and purchase it from the "The Cutting Cafe" here Now, I have made note of the measurements and will probably use my "revised" template only. No lines to bother with.
Prior to putting my box together, I added the dp and corners from a Cuttlebug die....luv 'em. Then my Nesties for the sentiment. a little bling and SU gold cord...can't figure out why they don't sell this any longer. The sentiment is from Rubber Stampede.
I hope Vicki enjoys this. She definitely oohed and ahhed when she saw it.
And Vicki, you overpaid me for your order.
Hope everyone has a blessed Wednesday.
I have one more very important picture to show. She is my sweetie and stays with me the entire time I stamp. After watching the "mouse" for a bit, she curls up right next to my laptop, until I call it quits for the night or morning. Then we head for bed where she politely curls up at my feet. She is only 3 months old, so I don't even notice she's there. And my old dog is taking to her quite well. I am blessed.
Erica (who is starting to get a bit antsy for the SU catty release now that I'm no longer a demo).

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Monday, June 22, 2009

This is the same card..promise

I was fooling with the photo editing and now the card colors look quite different. But they are the same card.
This is my first gatefold card. It was part of a thank you set of 5 I gave to the woman who gave me my first major card order. She caught me off guard when she asked me if I could design a card case for her. I brought it to show my Bible study ladies what I liked to do and before I knew it, she asked if I could make 8 of them for by July. What fun I had making them. I loved how they all turned out and each one was my own design. I made good use of my Nesties and CB folders and MS border punches. For this card, I have oodles of this shade of pink paper which came from my friend Elenorah and I plan on using every one of 'em Chocoloate Chip from SU is the brown as is the sentiment. The butterfly is a clear stamp from my stash. And that bit of patterned paper is from a box I bought at Joanns...K & Company. It was $40...and I had a 50% coupon, so I splurged. It contains tons of paper...most of it beautiful. Normally, I don't spend that much on paper, but these were sooo inviting.
I will be posting lots of cards and my projects until the end of the month....every day...promise! I still have to squeeze in a project of 25 wedding favors. They will be those Post It matchbook pads. I made these for DD's co-workers' Christmas presents and now I have a "job." We have to work out the deets, but my main ??? is how much should I charge. I usually undersell myself and this time I'm dealing with a person whose looking to do something very inexpensively. Maybe I'll post my sample and get my legions of fans to give me an idea.
Tomorrow, I will also post a pic of the "other something" that has kept me busy. Let me just say, that I'm in love with her.
Until then....Happy Tuesday.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

MY First Award

WHOW! I don't know if I'm getting this in the right place...but gasp...this is my first award. It's from "D" World of Marlene.
I follow her blog and it seems she follows mine and was kind enough to send this my way.
Thank you and God bless you Marlene. I love your blog too. So nice to get a perspective from someone overseas on
many different subjects.
Hugs & Blessings,
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Good Early Evening my legions of least it's early for me. I have been trying to make a card for Lauren's Saturday challenge since Sunday and couldn't get it to work. And I don't know why as it really was a simple enough sketch. Finally, I looked in my Studio Clear Stamps stash and found this cute little fairy set. I think it worked just right. I used Gina of Stamp TV's tute for a simple sky here and an MS punch which is supposed to be a fence in front of the house. I did take a artistic liberty and placed the oval where brads/flowers or other embellie was suggested. But she's so cute, I just couldn't resist. The other papers are non SU and nothin' special...just from my stash.
Kitty pics tomorrow. I am so lovin' her.

Have a great evening.
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Parade of Cards #2


Good Evening, or should I say Good Morning? I had a great weekend and it started on Friday when my dd and I (along with the my 2 grands went to the Humane Society and chose a kitty for me to love. I've been wanting a kitten of my own for a very long time and for various reasons never got one. Having lost my sweet Westie last year, I felt now was the right time. I still have my one old cross-breed, who is 14 and really belongs to my dd in CA, but since I've been caring for her for 4 yrs., I guess you could say she's mine. At least she sure thinks so.
So, I have posted one of my cards I've been talking about. I have finished the insides & envies for half of the 32. I was trying to finish them all by the weekend. But technically, I have until the 17th to actually give them to the customer, so I'm not going to rush. But I do want to get pics of them, as most of them are different. Oh my, I love having projects with really keeps my mojo alive. So here is a card that is actually not a part of that bunch, but I thought I'd share it. For deets, just leave a comment. It doesn't use any special technique.
Off I go to bed with my yet un-named Kitty to sleep right next to me. I plan on spoiling her rotten.

Good Night
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Parade of Cards


Well, I'm winding down on time to complete my 8 projects...a card case with 4 cards each in it. I really should be done by the 15th of June. I have 6 more cards to do and then I have to put envies together for all 40 and paper inside of each if the card base color is too dark to write on. Now there's a question. Do you put a piece of paper into the card (and tack it down) for the sender to write on? I plan on stamping the inside of all the B-Day cards, but the others which include, get well, thanks and thinking of you/best wishes, will be blank. Also, I'm not sure how I want to affix a "made by" stamp. I don't want anything to mar the beauty of my card case. I really like the way they came out. I could use my JustRite initials...really small ones, but I'll have to find the best inconspicous placing for them.
So, here is one of the thank you cards. The focal point is the ds paper and that is a CB thanks from the Olivia alphabet. It is a die that is one word. It works well to me. The little squirlies are from Quikutz. My glue pen really came in handy with this card. Not gonna go into deets other than that.
Hump day is tomorrow. I have Bible Study early in the AM, and I've not done my homework, plus it's senior day at my local supermarket, and I have to get there before Bible Study. Then I have my gd in the PM, so if I'm not pooped in the evening, I'll post another thank you card.
Enjoy the Hump Day!
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