Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Cutting Cafe Card Holder

So, good day...still having a blast with my iphone, I am...and scheduled myself and family for a hour class on how to use it "basicically." Humph! I may already know what they have to teach, but I'm sure I'll learn something..hee hee.
So here is yet another box that I made for my "paid project" last month. I love the papers on this one and the leaf punch and the button works...I don't often use buttons. I never know quite where to place them.
Did you see my new banner? WHOOPIE...finally got my talented oldest dd to sit down and make it. Unfortunately, no time for my siggy and watermark, but she's coming back in September....one step at a time. The poor girl works a full-time and part-time job and is raising her baby sans much help from Dad. My prayers are with her always.
A few days ago, I sent Regina Easter at the Cutting Cafe some pics of my card holders. I wanted her to see how I've been using and actually making $$ with her template downloads. She responded positively and asked if she could add them to her gallery. OH MY, I'd be honored, I said. So when they are, I'll provide a link for my legions of fans.
I had a super fun weekend with all the grands here and good food. We didn't feel the need to go out (except for a quick lunch on Friday with youngest dd), just cooked at home and kept the meals simple. Everyone has gone home now and it's back to normal. So maybe tomorrow, I'll get some stamping done. I did make a frog card for a challenge, but I'm not entirely happy with it, so won't be rushing to post it.
Have a happy week and thanks for looking.
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