Friday, July 31, 2009

Lookie What I Gottie for My 60th Birthday

Yes...I really did receive this for my birthday. My youngest dd was just dying to get me one...she's tired of getting me stamp-related stuff and she knows I love technie stuff in small packages. Ha Ha. The iphone has to be one of the best inventions since sliced bread...what a fabulous toy. Yeah, I know, I know most people use theirs for work, but I'm retired and I am still finding lots of uses for it. It downloads books...can you believe it. It has so many apps (short for applications), like GPS and podcasts and calendars galore, and Utube and, of course, you can read your email and delete it or save it...Can you tell I'm gushing??!!
OK, so save your without a few sets of stamps for a month or so and go get yourself one of these babies. Suggestion:Go through AT&T. They are the only vendors besides Apple and have your family (at least 3 members)go in on it with you. This will reduce the price. Of course, there is a contract and gone are the days of a 1 yr. contract. Also, there are 3 different iphones. Unless you are super business oriented and technie savvy, you don't need more than the 3G. There's also a military and federal discount. Let me tell you, this thing is taking off like gangbusters. I read there are 4 colleges who are giving their incoming freshmen iphones to enhance their studies, among other things. I tell ya', it's the bomb!!!
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