Thursday, August 20, 2009

So Much Going On....

This is a super quick post...don't want my legion of fans to forget me or to think I forgot about them.
There is some drama going on with hubby...he is hospitalized and not being very cooperative, which is important to his recovery. So if you are a pray-er...feel free to add me to your list. Mine is sooo lenghty, I could use all the help I can get.
This is one of the Cutting Cafe's card holder templates that I enjoy making so much. I gifted it to an awesome friend of mine and she absolutely loved it. I like how I was able to incorporate the corsage pin into the design. I have been collecting jewels to make more of these. What a time I had finding the pins..finally got them at Michaels' wedding section. Then I had to settle for earring backs as no one has the backs that SU sells in their "Pretties" box. I think they worked out well. Hope you enjoy my card too. I so want to make some cards and have lots of ideas floating in my head, but family drama is assuredly going to be an impediment.
AH, such is life, huh?
Blessings, Erica
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