Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Sunday Kind of Card

Hurry...hurry...that's the code word for my life.
So, I've made a decision, a very important one too and I won't go on and on about it, but we all know that the dollars aren't goin' as far as they used to right? I have been downsizing where and when I can. I started in 2007 because, my dh and I both saw this economic downturn coming. We only have one vehicle now. We don't eat out nearly as often, I lowered my stamping budget by 1/3. I hardly ever buy clothes and when I do, well, I confess I hit Walmart first. And my annual purchase of a Coach bag...gone gone gone. You'd laugh at what I carry now for a purse. With all of this said, I'm returning to work. But the best part is, that I'm going right back where I was 15 months ago. The woman who replaced me needed more hours and the company couldn't give them to her. So the co-owner called me to wish me HB and hinted at my coming back. At first, I said no, but as soon as I hung up, I thought that maybe I'd better think about it and pray too. After talking to dh, dds and friends who still work there, I called her back and said OK. We are going to work out a more flexible schedule than I had before, because one of the reasons I retired was I needed to spend more time with my disabled dh. I think he's tired of me now, 'cause he encouraged me to go back. So, I'm headed to Surprise (that's where the office is..honest) this Thursday. I'm planning on being more disciplined than I was before about my home life. I plan on continuing blogging, but may not make as many cards and I'll have to unsubscribe from half of the blogs I read. That may not be a bad thing. At times I get so wrapped in reading them, that I don't get any cards done.
So, wish me God's blessings on my re-endeavor. The main blessing is I love the people I will be working with and I don't mind the work and I can use the PC if I'm not too busy to check out a few fun things now & then.

So, here's my card. I made this a few weeks ago. I was trying to achieve the mono white look, but got scared and threw a little color in it. Nesties, CB folder, and CB border folder, along with SU stamps are the basis. Pearls, ribbon, and Michaels' 'wedding' flowers round it out.

God Bless you all.
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