Saturday, January 22, 2011

I was challenged

So legionnaires, Janet at Scrappin To Stay Sane (see my left sidebar to link directly), sent me a challenge a month or so ago. I couldn't figure out how to get the questions on my blog....after deciding there is no magic way, I copied and pasted  from my clipboard and eliminated her answers subbing mine. Some questions required a bit of brain-power unrelated to card-making. I've been on auto-pilot with cards this month. Unfortunately, I don't have many readers...I think maybe 4 in my reader. I just didn't feel comfortable forwarding these on. So I hope Janet will read my answers and will be OK with this. I noticed the other gals she passed the questions on to didn't respond. If anyone knows how busy life can be, it's me. I can barely blog with any consistency.

1. Four shows that you watch:

The Biggest Loser, "V", Hell's Kitchen, American Idol
(Yikes...3 reality shows...wonder what the heck that means).

2. Four things you are passionate about:

My faith, card-making, baking, my grandchildren.
(I almost wanted to put card-making first, but that would make it an idol and I don't think the good Lord would be too happy about that one.)

3. Four words/phrases you say a lot:

Oh heavens, Not again, Absolutely, Ya' gotta' be kiddin' me!
(I adored Janet's)
4. Four things you have learned from the past:

I am forgiven. There are consequences for every action. Wisdom comes with age. How to recognize a do-over.
(These answers required some thought and I've written them down in my "little black book.")
5. Four places you would like to go:

San Francisco, Hong Kong, Spain, anywhere in Vermont in the spring.
(All of these places have fabulous places to eat....right up my alley)

6. Four things you did yesterday:

Made dinner for the family, made cards, encouraged a friend, read a book on my e-reader.
(Still getting used to making dinner for 7 instead of 2....lovin' my Sony e-reader and hoping they're here to stay)

7. Four things you are looking foward to:

62 this year. Finishing building out my craftroom. Reading more. More peace in my life.
(WHOOPIE...applying for social security this year...the $$$ drought is almost over).

8. Four things you love about winter:

You're kiddin' me right? I left New York and moved to Arizona. I absolutely love it here and don't miss the winter EVER!

9. Tag four people to play along:
Maybe when I get more readers, I'll do just that.

That's all there is. Be back with some Valentine cards tomorrow.

Hugs & Blessings

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Janine said...

Thanks for sharing!! Have a great day Erica!