Friday, January 14, 2011

Check out my "Becca" style card

Well legionnaires, who doesn't know Becca Feeken of Amazing Grace? When this talented woman offers blog candy, there are upwards of 400 comments to her post. Can you imagine? Well, her style is not exactly my style. But I certainly do know talent when I see it and her stuff is truly amazing. So, here I have come as close as I'll ever get to her work with this birthday card I made for my dear friend El. Hope you see your cards in lights friend. She now has the real deal in her hands and I think she really liked it. She's also one of Becca's fans, and is quite the artistic cardmaker in her own right. I have posted a bit of her work, as she is too busy to start a blog. But when she does....look out Becca. In order to incorporate everything I wanted in this card, I had to make it quite large. I was hoping for a shabby chic look bordering on Victorian. Hopefully, this falls somewhere in between. Deets will be given on request.
Hope you are having a grand weekend. I will be stamping with the aforementioned friend and one other. We will be eating lunch, chatting and making some Valentine cards.

Cyber Hugs & Blessings,
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