Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hubby's Birthday Too

Well, today was extra busy...mostly just cooking for my hubby's 68th birthday. He feels so blessed to be still alive. He is semi-handicapped in a wheelchair..somewhat able to care for himself, but I am more caretaker than wife these days. I don't begrudge this, I am more saddened by it. He has not helped himself to be better than he is. He gave up, so to speak, about 3 years ago.
Well, we said a "Birthday" prayer that I love from "My Prayer Book." It's a lovely small red covered book that cost $4 ten yrs. ago and has been a valuable source of comfort and peace to me. It is well-worn with many bookmarked pages. I use it daily.
So dh and I thank our Heavenly Father for another year gone and look forward to the next one....I, to soldier on and learn to glorify the Lord even in rough times it patience and love, and dh, to soldier on loving God no matter what the Lord's will is for him . Hallalujah that we both fear and love God, who is Holy and the source of our very being.
I haven't made any cards in 2 days...super weird for me as I'm in the habit of making something daily. But cleaning the house, shopping and cooking as well as my usual stuff I do for dh has kept me busy, so I continue to show you some of the paid projects done for my friend Vicki. I love this paper. It's flocked and I found it in Costco, of all places. I used Nesties, ribbons and flowers and a pearl to enhance it. It's one of the card cases from the The Cutting Cafe. I have a link in an earlier post. The inside uses CB folders. I'm not sure why it is sideways. In Picassa (my photo editor), it was perfectly straight. But I think you can get the idea. So much to little time...the story of my life!
I hope your 4th was a blessed one with fun times shared with loved ones and not tooo much to eat. Can't say the same for myself.
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