Monday, June 29, 2009

A Study In Blue

Well, good morning....I am going to just do a quick post as I haven't gone to bed yet. That'd be OK, if dh would let me sleep babysitting...Yippie! That situation is about to change. A failure to comunicate with dd and her dh, muddled up my lifestyle. It's about to be fixed and I will soon have DAYS, as well as the wee hours of the night to pursue my addiction.
Here's a pocket card I made which was included in a set of cards I gave away. I like how it turned out. I kept it monotone. I used my CB and some clear stamps. I got the measurements for this from Amanda at Ink Inspirations, but I can't find her blog. I should have it in my list on the sidebar, not sure why I don't. As soon as I find it, I will add it.
I hope everyone enjoys their week and is blessed by Him

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