Monday, February 15, 2010

Where Have I Been You Ask?

Well, you don't wanna know. But I'll tell ya' anywho and it ain't pretty. The hospital, yuck and I didn't want to go, but pesky children made me do it. When children are no longer children, but more like middle aged adults, there is a role reversal within the family that I'm not sure I like too much. The darling youngest daughter decided that good old mom surely has heart attack symptoms and bamboozled me into going. So after an overnight stay, numerous tests, for which I have bruised inside of elbows to prove it, having explained my pain to 6 nurses and 5 doctors, and walking out with a prescription for heartburn, I'm home and we still don't know for certain what the problem is and guess what??? It's still with me. So we will continue with the battery of tests one takes to try to figure out what's wrong, while I tell myself that I'm not a hypochondriac and my dyd tries not to have an anxiety attack. Oh being 60 is sooo much fun.

I made this card pre-hospitalization. I used one of those popular flower-making techniques from Dawn McAvey where you use scallops, distress ink and some kinda' middle thingie. I had a heck of a time finding a book I was willing to destroy. Gee whiz, I was taught to treat books like they were my friends. I still use book plates in my front covers and get really in a huff if I loan a book out and it doesn't come back in good shape. Lately, I've been too cheap to buy books and the library is my source or a local used book store. I can't even use the library's drop box for returns. I get all bent out of shape...pun intended...justing thinking about the damage I could be doing as it unceremoniously splats atop other heaped up books. I thought I had to have a Kindle, and then I got an iphone. Does the same thing, but not as large. I immediately down-loaded a free book. I find it's not for me. There is something about the feel and heft of an actual book, the turning of its pages...yup, even the smell, old or new, that just adds to the enjoyment of the read itself. So anywho, I've set aside a book for just flower-making purposes. The Happy B-Day sentiment is from CTMH and that's an MS border punch and a trusty CB folder blue mat which I sanded a bit to reveal the white core. That's something I rarely do. A little ribbon, waxy floss, and a button finish the card off. I really like this sketch, so you'll probably see more of it.

If you don't hear from me for a few days, it's 'cuz I've been commissioned to do 15 invites for a baby shower and the favors. No $$$ in it, so I won't be doing anything fancy, but will share when finished.

Before I go, I did get a fabulous present for Valentines' Day. DH hasn't gotten me anything for several years. He doesn't get out due to his handicap and doesn't do the internet except for banking, so I have to pick out my own stuff. I usually just don't get around to it. But this time, I felt since I was still alive, I deserved a little something . After swearing off designer purses, I just couldn't resist a Coach purse that my dyd and I found super-discounted. It's been years since I bought one and I've given most of mine away. I needed a new purse, so now I have one. I've snapped a pic, but I'm too lazy to download it tonight. Hey, how'd you all do for the Day of Love?
Hugs & Blessings,
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Scrapaddict said...

This is beautiful. Hope you feel better nothing worst than not knowing whats wrong. I've been eyeing the new Coach styles as my one and only I've had for 15 yrs has been retired. Just can't justify spending that much for a purse that I throw on the floor.

Deb Neerman said...

Your card is just adorable, Erica!! LOVE that sanded card stock ... great vintage feel!

So sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. Hope they figger out what's wrong with you ASAP! Keep us legionnaires posted!!

Scrapaddict said...

Can you send the instructions for make the flower, I looked for it but can't find it on Dawn's blog. Thanks!