Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hello my legionnaires. What's up? Are you watching the Olympics in between stamping. It certainly got off to a sad start and I think it took of some of the luster. I had two families from Vancouver look at my house earlier this week. I asked them why they weren't home caught up in all the fun festivities. They told me it's a madhouse right now and they couldn't wait to leave. They also felt that it was way too much about making money and that memorabilia was a over-priced as well as the event seating prices. In sum, they just didn't feel they were missing out on anything and it was perfectly okay to watch it on TV while here in sunny Arizona.

So, what do you think of "curling"? I watched last night and I confess, I couldn't make heads or tails of it. It seems they are coaxing a fat disc down a lane and then if it doesn't go fast enough, they clean up the lane in front so that said fat disc will be more inclined to decline further until it meets the target. I'm sure I just don't get it? However is it a sport? What part of the body is being exercised? If there is a Canadian legionnaire who reads my blog and would care to comment, I'd be happy to read it.

Speaking of odd games, a friend of mine wants me to learn a new card game that some seniors she's been hangin' out with have been immersed in. It's called Hand and Foot. Really, that's the name and you play it with anywhere from 3 to 5 decks of cards depending on how many people are in it. Now, I've never been much of a card player...a little rummy, go fish and "21", but nothing elaborate like Bridge, or Big Whisk, or Canasta (does anybody remember that one?). There's no way I could keep a deck of cards in my hands, so I hope you get to spread them out on a table somehow. Well, I told her to come on over one day and show me how it's done. But frankly, I'd rather be stamping.

So here's a card using yet another "flower" of sort. I can't credit the designer, cause I didn't do what I'm supposed to and copy the link somewhere. I made this some days ago. But you take 5 one inch circles and place 'em strategically in a circle and top the center with a button and voila...The saying is from an SU set and the border is an EK punch. I don't know if it's showing up, but the card is folded from the right and about 1 inch is cut off and then the flower is mounted on the edge. I kinda' like the simplicity of this and will probably use the sketch again.

I'm glad it's Friday tomorrow, 'cause I don't have a busy weekend and that means some serious stamping. Gotta get the favors done for the Baby Shower. The invites are done and I will post one tomorrow.

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Deb Neerman said...

South Florida Legionnaire checkin' in!

Curling? I'd rather get a perm! The DH watches this 'sport' and actually understands it. Which troubles me. Somehow, I don't see this catching on nationwide ... and certainly not in OUR sunny necks of the woods!

I play Canasta! I learned ages ago and it's really fun. I also play Cribbage, which my Dad taught me when I was six or seven. Love to play, but rarely find anyone else that plays. Besides my sister ... but she lives 1,000 miles away from me. And I'm seriously addicted to playing Gin ... playing gin not drinking gin, lol.

LOVE the card and that way cool border/flower treatment. Very unique and clever! I'm definitely gonna try this.

Have a great weekend!