Friday, May 1, 2009

OK, So It's May Already

Well. here it is May already. It's so difficult to believe it could be so far into the year!
I promise I have been stamping like crazy...every day, as a matter of fact. BUT, I find it tedious to upload cards. I haven't got it down to a science and so I have issues when I try to get them from my camera memory card onto my Picasa program. I always seem to copy everything that I've already copied plus the new card. It's probably something really simple that I'm not seeing. But in the meantime, posts with pics aren't going to be frequent.
So here is my first Magnolia card. This was an image that was mailed to me as part of a swap. These little people from Europe are adorable, but more than one friend (stampers and non) have remarked as to why they don't have a mouth! One of them suggested a little heart shaped mouth. Alas, I can't draw...not even a teeny heart. I have messed up too many images to count. So my newest Magnolia...wait 'til you see her, (I promise no later than Sunday PM.), she will not have a mouth. She will be true to the artists' rendition. This card was part of a grouping that I gave to my DD for her B-Day.
I have just about completed my greeting card holder boxes and I will grit my teeth and upload them one by one soon. I'm very proud of what I've accomplished and I think I have improved design-wise. Practice does indeed make for better and hours on stamper blogs helps too.
So have a great first May weekend and stay safe.
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