Friday, May 8, 2009

Good Evening,

Here is the 2nd card I made for Mother's Day. Unfortunately, I put the 3rd one in its envie, sealed it and forgot to take a photo. I do that sometimes. By next month, I won't even remember what it looked like. I am on to making a card for my grandson's teacher. This was the poor woman's first teaching assignment. A class of 28 with nearly half who spoke English as their 2nd language...and the grade is 5th. YIKES!! My grandson told me that one day she so completely lost control of the class, that she called the main office and asked for someone to come and help her get it back. Gosh, I felt sorry for her.
Here's another sorta related cutsie. I made her a Christmas gift of 4 all occasion cards and a cute box I decorated. She loved it and asked him who made it (he said she had a really surprised face). Gregory said, "My family." No credit for poor Grandma...well sorta, indirectly, I guess. That's what I get for not putting at least my initial on the back. Afterall, I do have a JustRite stamper kit.
So, I will post the "teacher" card soon, as I need to get it to Gregory for him to add a personal touch. School's out 5/16. Gregory will not be going to this school anymore. His mom is putting him into a high achieving charter school for 6th grade. She is worried about him going to junior high because of several reasons. One is that he's small for his age; a smart kid (i.e., slightly nerdy); very polite and kind; and last but not least, he's black. Well, you see him in my profile. He has been called the "N" word several times in the last 2 yrs. at school. My daughter advised the principal and was given the usual platitudes. Gregory also reported it for the first couple of times, but then gave up as the teacher in charge (it usually happened out on the playground during recess), would tell him to, "ignore those people, they are being rude." Well, that was stating the obvious, I think. I don't profess to know what should have been done and I know this will happen to him again, but it should not and must not be ignored. We pray for Gregory and make sure he tells us everything. We let him know that we will address any problems..maybe not with the best results, but we will not ignore anything that troubles him. Finally, we pray with him for his safety and protection. And we pray privately, that he will never become a statistic. God help our youth of today.
And on that note...I wish all mothers and "you could be my mother" mothers a Very Happy Mothers Day.
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