Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hope Your Easter Weekend was the Best

So legionnaires....I tried to post on Friday PM, but blogger wasn't cooperating and I was in a hurry. I had both dds's (grammer?) with me and their families. We were laughing, cooking and teasing each other other for the entire weekend. Eldest dd headed back to CA and was on the road just crossing into CA when the earthquake hit. She lives in Altadena which is a town near Pasadena. We're praying all is well as we were only able to reach her once on her cellphone.
Here is AZ, we felt it too. I thought it was my blood pressure going up or maybe my little home-made desk was caving in under the weight of my ginorous printer. I never thought it was an earthquake. My youngest dd knew right away and called me to see if I was alright. And I'm like, telling her I felt a little dizzy and maybe I better get to bed early tonight. Silly me! I know for sure, that CA is not for me. I don't do earthquakes, mudslides, floods, hurricanes or fires well at all. I live in AZ for many reasons and don't need tremors either, thank you.
On the card front, here is the last Easter card I'll show, though I have a few more. It's time to move on, don't ya' think? The stamp is a Michael's $ stamp and the border around the scalloped circle is DRS. I meant to get more of these, but forgot. Now, I think that there are a few other on-line companies that sell them too. The papers are from an old scrap pad that my dd gave me. Some bling, ribbon, button, floss, and coloring, plus hand-drawing finish off this card.
So now begins the long-haul w/o a holiday. When I was working, I used to hate this time of year...ya know, two months and no holiday can be a real drag to a career woman.
Enjoy Monday through Friday
Hugs & Blessings,
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Deb Neerman said...

Just gorgeous, Erica!

Hope you had a fabulous Easter, too!

Sending hugs!

Janine said...

Beautiful!!! Hope you had a fabulous Easter weekend.