Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Love Being a Foodie

So I know I should be in bed, but my absolutely favorite day to cook is so near. And I always get a headstart on the desserts. I made one new one and two tried but true. I will post about the new tomorrow. I have housework that needs to be done, but I'd rather cook. So here's my menu for the day:
Erica's Zucchini and Tomato Salsa
Mini crab quiches
codfish fritters

Roast Turkey with stuffing (Stove Top...wanna make somethin' of it?? :) ).
Baked Ham with honey glaze and raisin sauce
Baked macaroni (I make mine with 3 different cheeses...delicioso)
Butterscotch sweet potatoes (family gets annoyed if this one is missing or changed in any way)
Collard greens (another one that must always be there and the same)
Creamed onions (I know of no one who serves these. I grew up with an aunt who made them and it either love' or hate 'em
Brussels sprouts with bacon (my eldest dd will make this dish)
Refrigerator potato rolls (came across this recipe 2 yrs. ago, and everyone loves them. They are simple yeast rolls)

Apple pie (I never have a T-Day dinner without one)
Eggnog pumpkin pie (it doesn't have the strong pumpkin taste that plain pumpkin pie does)
Pecan cranberry tart (that's the newbie to the smelled so good baking)

Sparking non-alcoholic cider, (I've got several flavors...cherry, cranberry, cran-grape)
wine (I splurged on somewhat pricy reisling and a muscat wine for the desserts)
eggnog (it may be too early for some, but I love the stuff and the lowfat is quite tasty so I buy it now instead of the other)

So there you have it. Tomorrow, I will do the codfish fritters as they are a bit time-consuming and I will make the potato rolls which will keep overnight and be ready for shaping and baking when needed.

So, pictured is a card I made for my dd and sent it sometime ago. I like the colors I used. And, she'd better give this to someone special, as I parted with 3 of my favorite brads that I've been hoarding for 4 years. I gotta stop doing that!!

I hope each of my legions of fans has a blessed time with friends and/or family this Thanksgiving Day. As a nation, we really do lose sight of how much we have to be grateful for.
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