Monday, December 14, 2009

Just One of Three

So, I know
it's been forever....and as usual, it's due to several reasons. I promised a foodie picture for all you foodies out there. This was scrumptious. It was my very first tart. The cranberries were a great flavor to offset the sweetness of the pecans, brown sugar and corn syrup. I had no idea these last three ingredients are what one uses in a pecan pie. My SIL is a pecan purist and he was none too happy with the addition of the cranberries, but everyone enjoyed it.

I am almost at the end of making Christmas cards and have ventured on to a tag or two. Nothing too elaborate, just original. I've finished the last of my gift shopping today and am looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow. I'll be wrapping this weekend. I have opted not to do any decorating...since I don't do much of anything anyhow. I'm blessed, in that my dh could care less. We will concentrate on the real reasons for the celebration.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be having afternoon tea with one of my bestest friends, Heather, at our fave tea place and will catch-up on our life stories.

A few big decisions to follow through with in January. One or two are life changing. I have prayed about them and I am in a comfortable zone with them. DL, God bless him, has made my life easier even while making it more challenging.

Hope you all are having a good start to your week. Try not to be tooo busy.
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Giovana said...

Hi Erica,
Thanks for stopping at my blog and for sweet comment.
The pie really looks delicious.

God and Merry Christmas.