Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's all better now

Well, you read my diatribe yesterday. And then this evening, I had a wonderfully intimate chat with my eldest dd. Actually, I did all the talking and she graciously listened. I reminded her to read my blog if she wants to know my musings and meanderings. She's so sweet. She said that for a 60ish mom, I'm quite techno savvy. I am too, if I do say myself....I have an iphone, a digital camera (I guess most everyone has one of these, but not so many upload pics to blogs and keep albums on-line. I have a laptop which though not mastered, I fudge fairly well. I love gadgets and girlie tools, as in cooking and cards/scrapbooking. Sooo, yesterday, I questioned my "what am I doing" self and today after our chat, I read this in some old stuff I have been hoarding and planning to read someday. 1 Peter 4:10. I'm not gonna put it here, 'cause ya' need to go and look it up for yourself. Suffice it to say, it is a great comfort to me and I'm gonna' memorize it.

So here's a card I made for my eldest dd which was included in a packet I sent her not long ago. I used one of my few JustRite stamps for the initial and a CB folder, then my Scor-Pal for the lines. A little bling and ribbon finish it off. Simple right?

I thought I'd post some of the gadgets I'd like to get for Christmas. There's not a chance in the world I will get any one of them as this is going to be one of the slimmest years ever for presents. My small family is suffering in the face of the economy. But we have each other and that is all that is important.
These are listed not in any particular order...I just want 'em!

Keurig coffee pot *the pricy one please*
Cricuit Expression with Gypsy
Coach purse *a nice roomy one please*
couple pairs of new shoes
Lifetime Fitness gym membership

Gee, that was fun. Actually, in days gone by, I'd be sure to get at least one of these and sometimes if I was a good wife, I'd get two.
Tomorrow, I think I think I'll post a few less frivolous gifts I have in mind.
Hugs...Happy Sunday...don't forget to stamp a bit.

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