Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Days

Hmmm, when exactly do morning glories bloom? I remember them growing in New York, twining about a cyclone wire fence we had in our backyard. I loved the blue color of these delicate flowers.
Sooo, here's my Becca Feeken style card. Oh alright, I know I can't even begin to come close to the Queen of Elegant  (and here you might argue that Jeri Jiminez A Touch of Grace, holds that title). Well, a woman can dream, right? So, I used one of those pendant Nesties I had to have...fleur de lis, satin beige ribbon, oval Nesties, ds paper from My Mind's Eye Simply Delightful line and watercolor paper. I colored with some of the few Copics I have. Speaking of Copics. I have abour 40. At $6 each (about), that's $240. YIKES...did I really spend that much on a set of markers? I already had a complete set of SU markers, quite a few Tombos, approximately 75 Prismacolor pencils, plus a nice supply of water color pencils, 3 different sets of pastel chalks, a tray or two of water colors, 40 or so H2Os. Fine! If you must know, I believe I have spent $1000 on color mediums. And I'm starting to feel awful about it. So, I'm done buying Copics. I'll buy refills and nothing more. But, I digress. The sentiment is a wee one from a Hero Arts set, a gem I found in Michaels, and the flower image is CTMH's Treasure Life. Sorry about the messy background of this pic. It was taken on one of my late forays into the night.
Hope you're having a great week.
Hugs & Blessings,
Erica (who refuses to think about all the cute shoes she coulda' had)
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cone Easter Basket & A Card

Here are the basket/cones that I'm making as Easter treats my daughter will give her co-workers this week. It's just a little something to brighten their day. As  city workers they never know for certain when they might get a pink slip. DD wasn't crazy about the cone shape, but I told her people get tired of seeing baskets all the time and they would enjoy the change. I know I sure do. You can find the "how to" and a video tute too on  SCS site in the issue #200 of Weekly Inkling, (which I can't find or I'd give ya' da linky).  Some of the others I've made have more work put into them, but this one was the prototype and already had the candy in it.  I'll post pics of the others when all done. Also, here's a card that I made for Easter. The basket image stamp is a Michael's Dollar stamp.  I have a few more to show as the week goes on. Sharon Johnson's challenge Stamp Simply #132 was an EZ PZ one this week. No special colors, shapes, etc., just make something with an Easter theme. I love simple challenges. It means I can do them.
I've been stamping, cooking (I'm on a shortbread kick and made butterscotch walnut shortbread...delicious (recipe from King Arthur Flour Company blog. And eggplant parmesan from here Closet Cooking  and gardening, so it's been a great weekend. Hope your is too.
Hugs & Blessings,
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last Night

Last night legionnaires, Blogger wouldn't let me post. I was most unhappy as I hadn't posted since Monday. And it was gonna be a shorty one too. BLAH...not a good start to my planned weekend. So, here's a card that I made to try to get out of the box of using the same colors all the time. It's SU papers I thought I had to have way back when and the the image stamp is from CTMH Treasure Life set. The sentiment is from a Hero Arts' set I have had 4ever and wouldn't be without because of it neat size which fits anywhere on the card. Gotta have those.
Well, I've been in my garden and fertilized 20 plants for the last time I think, as the short-sale is going along smoothly and I think we'll be gone by the end of May. I shall so sorely miss my beautiful citrus trees, hibiscus and honeysuckle...Ah, but as every legionnaire knows, life goes on and it surely does change.
Get a little stampin done frineds. It soothes the soul
Hugs & Blessings,
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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Easter Project

Here it is....from El of the Tres Abuelas (self-named trio of grandmothers who love to stamp, chat and eat altogether at one time....it ain't always easy let me tell ya'). So, El knew we'd be intimidated if we had to cut out the pieces and put the holes in. So, she did it for us. Everything was so neat and well spaced. Of course, she said it was easy, but it sure didn't look like it. With all of her hard work, these came together fairly quickly and we enjoyed making them.
It is an octogon shaped box and holds quite a bit of goodies. Well, be assured I'm not giving my Easter basket away to nobody.
For my dd's co-workers treats, I've decided to keep it simple and make those treat cones the SSC newsletter of last week showed. That's my plan for the upcoming weekend and I'm sticking to it.
Weird fact for the day....there's no "cent" key on the PC keyboard. Can someone tell me why? It makes no sense to me. GROAN...couldn't resist.

Hugs & Blessings comin' at ya' from Erica
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hardware Saturday

Busy day today...got the grands while mom & dad head to CA to help out other dd move or pack-up to move back to AZ. So many changes going on in lives impacted by the economic downturn or do we say recession now?

BTW, JA is Joann's big box store. I have been using lots of initials since I joined Facbook. They won't let you use more than 420 characters in a comment. Near impossible for me to do. I imagine Twitter is even more strict. Don't plan on joining them.

So, in the interest of putting kids to bed after popcorn and a movie, here's some deets. That's a $ Michael stamp and CTMH ds paper and an EK Successs punch and SU hardware (I keep hoarding this stuff with no idea why), and SU other paper and the Nesties for the frames. The sentiment is from a clear stamp from unknown source as I took it out of its packaging. I'm trying to get some cards going for youngest dd. She says she needs cards with encouraging words since her office staff is down to half what it was and people are having to do 25 to 50% more work.
Oh, and my sweet cat is unofficially one year old. Since she's from the Humane Society, they guessed exact birth date. She is my first cat and is more than I could ever have hoped for. She fits my personality perfectly, gets along with my old dog, does not get in the way when I have company, and actually goes out like a dog everyday in the yard for a few hours in the day. She hasn't once leapt the 6 ft. walls to wander. I'm totally amazed by that. She even has a suitor. Poor thing is de-clawed and I think he's a bit intimidated by her even though she's considerably smaller. Not to worry...mines spayed and he (Steve..go figure) is neutered. I know 'cause I tried to "borrow" him from my neighbor before I got mine, and he politely told me he was his. I don't know why he lets him out if he's declawed. I do believe the two of them have hunted a bird or two together, as there has been an inordinate amount of feathers in a corner twice. Steve politely waits for Starr while reclining on one of my cushioned patio chairs each morning. He's a tabby or calico...not sure of the difference, and it is just too cute to see.
Gotta go....nuf said....hope you are getting in some stamping.
Hugs & Blessings
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

You Bless Me

Good morning....yup another 3 AM post. Don't ask questions, just humor me, OK? I know I promised that Easter project, but I decided it should be all about me today. Hah, as if it isn't always.
So, I was at JA's the other day and didn't think I'd find any gotta have its. I don't know who my regional buyer is, but for the last two years, they've had nothing to ooh & ahh about. However, I had a bit of success. I've been looking for a leafy kinda die, but didn't want anything too large and didn't want to pay too much. This little baby leafy die was on sale for 40% off, making it around $9. My kinda price for a die. I have big plans for it. Sooo here's my first endeavor. Not much to explain. The base is textured SU...not quite sure why I haven't been using this more often. Me likey! The other papers are just what I had on hand. Oh,,,I forgot, JA also had a big round 10 oz. container of various colors of buttons for $4.99. I think that was a steal and I'd never seen them before. Snapped those babies up fast.  Since buttons continue to be very much en vouge, I'm sure I'll use them up. A little piece of rick rack from CTMH finished it off. The sentiment is from Stampabilities.
OK, so here's a dumb thought for the day.
Remember when you first learned how to type on a typewriter (not a PC younguns') and you had to "space" two spaces after a period?  I think there's a double space somewhere in this post...old habits die hard. Don't know why that came to mind, but it did :)

Erica, sending your blessings & hugs.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sad Note....Happy Notes

For an earlier post on a new iphone app stampers gotta have it post, scroll down legionnaires.

Well, actually, I begin this post on a sad note. The most elder member of one of my Bible studies, Mary, went to be with the Lord on Saturday. This woman whose husband (a former pastor) passed away almost two years ago, died of a heart attack per the doctors. I feel she died of heartbreak. Her last words to us at the last meeting she attended, were that she didn't understand how God could have allowed her husband to leave her when He knew how much she needed him. Not one of us had any answers that would make it right for her. She is with both of the loves of her life now.
Now, on to happy moments. It was Stampin' Sunday this week with three of my galpals who love to stamp, chat, and eat. Our hostess served us a delicious and thoughtfully thought out menu...can you say cheesecake w/o the yolks....and it was really yummy. She set a beautiful table with china, napkin rings and the whole enchillada. We felt pretty, oh so pretty. And she had two lovely cards waiting for us to take home. And this was the stand-out one. Can you imagine....all that cutting and the card design of a sorta' tri-fold with ups & downs to it. Well, isn't it just the cutest. I'm taking the liberty of posting here since she is toooo busy to start her own blog. So, I hope it comes across as well as it looks in person.
Tomorrow, I will show the cute Easter project she designed for us to make.
FYI. Hobby Lobby enabled me this week. Nesties are 40% off, all adhesives -- think ATG guns, etc., are 40% off and their is an on-line 40% coupon which you can use on MS combo punches which aren't on sale, but go for $24.99 for both in one package. The coupon takes off $10. Ask me how I know.
I gotta say this...I have about 12 MS punches and 2 of them are broken. One punched about 3 times and then got really stuck. Unfortunately, it was one of those duo sets. I am very disappointed with the quality and can't understand why EK Success punches are never a problem, and it's EK Success that actually makes the MS punches. I think they also make SU's punches. C'mon Martha, don't settle for poor quality and then charge us a bundle for your "name". The SU queen, Shelli Gardner would never do such a thing.
Be back atcha' tomorrow.
Hugs & Blessings,
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If You have an iphone

Gonna put up 2 postings today. I wanted to alert everyone to a new iphone app that I've been waiting for breathlessly. I was checking every day since I read about it on Embellish Magazine's "zine" site. Check out my sidebar for the clicky as Deb Neerman says. Clear & Simple Stamps app for iphone. It's finally here. I haven't installed it yet, 'cause I wasn't anticipating the $4.99 pricetag. It's probably worth it, but I visited Hobby Lobby today to sooth my wounded spirit from my recent lost items and spent $40. So, I gotta sneak this little $5.00 in as an "oh, c'mon sweetie, it's only $5.00 purchase. I adore my iphone, but I install almost all freebies with an occasional $.99 app. Sooo, legionnaires, if any of you take the plunge, please let me know. As soon as I get mine, I'll do my own review for right here so that you, my peeps, will now have an excuse to "have to have" an iphone.
Second post with a card to follow shortly.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ahh, The Weekend

Well hi legionnaires. I hope you haven't become annoyed with me. I neglected posting....got into a bit of a funk is all.
The baby shower was a hit and everyone oohed and ahhed over the favors. In fact, no one left without being sure they had theirs. I was tickled. The food I made was delicious too...salsa, broccoli salad and a dip...Yummo.

 I've been losing stuff in my craft room...an entire set of Nesties, a CTMH stamp pad, a centering ruler, and a deckle edge scissor. I left my camera at the house where the shower was and that's one of the reasons I haven't posted. I forgot that my iphone takes great pics, so I'm back in business until I get the cam back. I know I'm just trying to do too much. Of course, this month's AARP article called, "Boost Your Brain Health" and Deb Neerman's post here showing some svelte broad gyrating left/right/round & round and me not knowing which way is up, didn't help me any. I'm just praying I don't get dementia before I've had my fill of stamping. Yikes...I haven't even begun to scrapbook yet. And I wanted to quilt some and I'd hoped to get around to crochete. And somewhere in this mix, I wanted to read the classics. And golly, I do like a good movie now & then!!
So...I had to make a B-Day card super quick for a gal pal, and this is what I came up with. I had a little help...just a little...what? did you expect me to design it on my own what with dementia creeping up on me?? It all came together quickly...the card, not me....and it's self-explanatory and I need some sleep anyway, so until tomorrow...
Be Blessed and get some stampin' done...it's the weekend, ya' know.
Hugs & Blessings,

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Shower Favors

Good afternoon legionnaires....so much to do still for tomorrow. I have to make 3 appetizers today and some some sort of small banner for one of the tables. Since I don't have a Cricuit, I don't know how that's gonna look. So, here's the favors. I apologize for the first group pic...not my best photo editing, for sure. As you can see, I get bored with making things exactly alike, so I change up a little on each one, but stick to the theme as much as possible.

I still have to fill them and add bows. I used one of Lauren Meaders' templates and some ladybug stickers, lots of punches and some pretty nursery ds paper I found at HL. They came together fairly quickly and I think everyone is gonna like them. I didn't want a lot of candy in them, so, over the B-Day luncy yesterday, my dh thought of a pink tealight and holder while we were browsing in super cheap  Ikea which was just one of our stops yesterday. Along with them, I'm putting in two of those drink mixes that come in pouches and a York peppermint patty that I will decorate with the SU scallop punch. Yup, still some work to do and the shower is tomorrow.
So, that said, I'm off to get those peppermint patties and some pink "grass" and the food stuff....Whew! Hope everyone has a blessed weekend. Mine will surely be busy and fun.
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sketch Challenge

How is your week going along? Mine is going. Expecting to have a fun day with youngest dd who turns 37. I can't believe my baby is that age. I so clearly remember when I was. I'm amazed at how time flies. We'll have lunch out and shop a little. Then, she is going to do something different with my hair. I think I need a change, but don't know what. It could be as simple as coloring it. We'll see. But don't expect my profile pic to be updated. I had a heck of a time getting it there in the first place.
So, this card is for Just My Sketches  challenge here http://jms-songs.blogspot.com/2010/02/songs-mar-1.html . It's unique in that we were to incorporate a song that we picked from among three the blogger gave us. I chose "Amazed" by Lonestar and the sentiment is the last line of the first stanza in the song.  I hope I have done the challenge justice. I don't often try them. I'm too old for all that pressure. So all you SU gals, remember this SU stamp from Seaside Sketches? How I love(d) that set. I had to "journal" the words at the bottom and my handwriting is horrid (age once again), but the "AMAZED," I was able to stamp with my JustRite stamp font letters. I would love to have more of these, but ya' can't have everything ya' wants, so I resisted getting more. The base is just WAMA's Pacific cs, the mats...green, who knows; and SU saffron. The ds is from a big box of K & Company. I distressed a bit, added 3 strips of thin navy blue ribbom and some of those raindrop embellies. Also, used my SU corner punch. The coloring is my attempt with Copics....HL has increased their price by $.50 each. I may be going on-line to increase my stock.
I hope you all have a great winding down sort of week.
Hugs & Blessings,
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just another Birthday card

Here's one I was "commissioned" to do. It was for a 5 yr. old who is a much loved grandchild. I do not like designing cards for other peoples children if I don't know them. I had only seen this little girl once or twice. Finally, I just dug through my SU stamps and this is what I came up with. I figure that every kid likes to draw, even if they don't have an easel. It's a square card turned sideways. Just some ds paper from my stash, MS punched butterflies and some glitter pens on 'em. A button and ribbon. The base and mat cs are papers I had hangin' around.
Nothin' much else to say. I've been busy and should be posting every day for the rest of the week.
Happy Wednesday tomorrow.

Hugs & Blessings,
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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Weekend Is Over

Good morning my legionnaires. Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was. I designed those favors I was tellin' ya' about and started them....stinkin' cute....not to worry, will post in a day or two. Oddly, Arizona has been having some really rainy weather and I take my best photos outdoors, so we'll see what the morrow brings.

I got a little baking done. I made an apple cake with a recipe from Food Network. I did the right thing for my body and gave half away to kiddos. I also made some tapioca for dh. He loves the stuff. Ask anybody who is younger than 30, about this old-fashioned pudding and ya' get a blank stare. Then I tried my hand at a rice pudding recipe that was made in the slow cooker. IMO, the directions for length of cooking time need some revising as mine came out quite dry, but tasty. Ah well, one can always use lots of whipped cream to make up for it, and ONE did! And I do have a tried and true stovetop for this other old-fashioned dessert, so I'll be making that one for my dd's birthday this week.

On to my card, and speaking of birthdays, big bro's B-Day is tomorrow. He will be 68 (just like the dh), but God blessed him with much better health than dh. He also thinks he's still a kid, which sometimes makes me cringe a bit. He is still wearing gold chains for cryin' out loud. But I love him to pieces...more now than ever. We have a long and complicated history together and apart. He's a devoted dh, grandfather, and father...with a daughter 12 yrs. old....don't ask! I'm blessed to have him in my life.
Back to the card. It's simple, but there I go, trying to do the matchy thing with dots this time. It's a lot easier than with stripes. So, I kept it simple. Both sentiment and image are from "Perfectly Clear Stamps, Birthday Brackets." This is Stampendous' clear stamp line. A Nestie shape to mount the square candles on and some hardware, all on a white base and I was done. I kinda' amazed myself with this quick card...not that it's gorgeous or anything, it's just that it came together lickity split.

I hope all you workin' folks out there have a great and safe week. I hear the weather is still awful in many parts of the country. Hurry up spring. We're ready already.

Hugs & Blessings,
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