Thursday, March 18, 2010

You Bless Me

Good morning....yup another 3 AM post. Don't ask questions, just humor me, OK? I know I promised that Easter project, but I decided it should be all about me today. Hah, as if it isn't always.
So, I was at JA's the other day and didn't think I'd find any gotta have its. I don't know who my regional buyer is, but for the last two years, they've had nothing to ooh & ahh about. However, I had a bit of success. I've been looking for a leafy kinda die, but didn't want anything too large and didn't want to pay too much. This little baby leafy die was on sale for 40% off, making it around $9. My kinda price for a die. I have big plans for it. Sooo here's my first endeavor. Not much to explain. The base is textured SU...not quite sure why I haven't been using this more often. Me likey! The other papers are just what I had on hand. Oh,,,I forgot, JA also had a big round 10 oz. container of various colors of buttons for $4.99. I think that was a steal and I'd never seen them before. Snapped those babies up fast.  Since buttons continue to be very much en vouge, I'm sure I'll use them up. A little piece of rick rack from CTMH finished it off. The sentiment is from Stampabilities.
OK, so here's a dumb thought for the day.
Remember when you first learned how to type on a typewriter (not a PC younguns') and you had to "space" two spaces after a period?  I think there's a double space somewhere in this post...old habits die hard. Don't know why that came to mind, but it did :)

Erica, sending your blessings & hugs.
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Dainty Diva said...

Erica you brought back typing class memories, yes double space after a period, carbon paper and eraser pencil with an end to swash away the erase waste. Wow!

Deb Neerman said...

LOL, yup, you brought back the old typin' class memories with that! And I still do it ... old habits die hard. 'Cept Blogger doesn't accept 'em no matter how many spaces you put in between sentences ... you get one here!

LOVE the card, those rich earthy tones, and that fab l'il leaf die. What is "JA?" 'Cuz it sounds like some place I need to be, lolol!

Hope you have a great weekend, Sweetie!