Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hardware Saturday

Busy day the grands while mom & dad head to CA to help out other dd move or pack-up to move back to AZ. So many changes going on in lives impacted by the economic downturn or do we say recession now?

BTW, JA is Joann's big box store. I have been using lots of initials since I joined Facbook. They won't let you use more than 420 characters in a comment. Near impossible for me to do. I imagine Twitter is even more strict. Don't plan on joining them.

So, in the interest of putting kids to bed after popcorn and a movie, here's some deets. That's a $ Michael stamp and CTMH ds paper and an EK Successs punch and SU hardware (I keep hoarding this stuff with no idea why), and SU other paper and the Nesties for the frames. The sentiment is from a clear stamp from unknown source as I took it out of its packaging. I'm trying to get some cards going for youngest dd. She says she needs cards with encouraging words since her office staff is down to half what it was and people are having to do 25 to 50% more work.
Oh, and my sweet cat is unofficially one year old. Since she's from the Humane Society, they guessed exact birth date. She is my first cat and is more than I could ever have hoped for. She fits my personality perfectly, gets along with my old dog, does not get in the way when I have company, and actually goes out like a dog everyday in the yard for a few hours in the day. She hasn't once leapt the 6 ft. walls to wander. I'm totally amazed by that. She even has a suitor. Poor thing is de-clawed and I think he's a bit intimidated by her even though she's considerably smaller. Not to worry...mines spayed and he (Steve..go figure) is neutered. I know 'cause I tried to "borrow" him from my neighbor before I got mine, and he politely told me he was his. I don't know why he lets him out if he's declawed. I do believe the two of them have hunted a bird or two together, as there has been an inordinate amount of feathers in a corner twice. Steve politely waits for Starr while reclining on one of my cushioned patio chairs each morning. He's a tabby or calico...not sure of the difference, and it is just too cute to see.
Gotta go....nuf said....hope you are getting in some stamping.
Hugs & Blessings
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Deb Neerman said...

Awwwww, so pretty! Love this color palette and the elegant simplicity of this card! You rock, my friend!

PS: Happy B-day Sweet Kitty! She's beautiful! And calico's are always female ... why, I haven't a genetic clue, but it's true! So he's a tabby ...

Have a great week!