Monday, January 4, 2010

Well Someone out there likes me

And the New Year begins. I found it astonishingly easy to write 2010 on the two checks I have had to write already. Kink in the water system to the tune of $139.00 and $72.00 at Walmart. And I have so little to show for my WAMA jaunt. I wandered into Hobby Lobby with a 40% coupon and $3.00 and couldn't find a thing I had to have for less than $20 bucks. WHAAA! A pox on budgets, I say.
So only one person answered my post on resolutions. See the comment in previous post. She got one of them right...I guess it was a bit obvious. What else would I be biting, huh?

Here's the rest.      Don't bite NAILS
                              Get out of the HOUSE and WALK
                              Get on my KNEES in prayer daily
                              Be less JUDGMENTAL and more UNDERSTANDING
                              Quit NAGGING husband (it's only for his own good, but
                              he doesn't see it that way.)

Had a lovely New Years Day with family and dis manage to use some cool coupons at Michaels where I got  some punches, ribbon and dollar stamps.
Here's a card that I created with very little stamping. The paper did everything I needed it to. It is DCWV La Creme matstock and the stamp is a CTMH sentiment. I wish the photo reflected the actual color better. It is creme and black, not white. I so need to work on my photo skills. All in due time, all in due time. BTW, that's my 40 yr. old Kitchen Aid mixer in the background. I parted company with it last week. What emotional ties I had to that machine. I grew up with it, I baked, mashed, mixed and almost dropped it once. I gave it away. It was not as strong as it used to be. And its replacement...a Bosch mixer that my eldest dd gave me years ago. It was feeling neglected and I was feeling for sorry for it. After all, mixers aren't like stamps. One is usually enough.

Have a great week.


Scrapaddict said...

This is an absolutely beautiful card!

Deb Neerman said...

LOVE this card, Erica!

I really like that paper collection ... when it first came out, I HAD to have it ... and couldn't find it anywhere. Still can't, lolol. It's like the best. kept. DCWV. secret. ever! Love what you've done with it!