Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just One More

I've tried getting this post up since last night and have been having trouble with getting thrown off the Net. Bother. In between...I managed to get 5 laundry loads done...folded and put away, changed beds, mopped my largest open area floor and the master bedroom. You say, why is she writing this? We all gotta clean our houses. Well, I hate housework with a passion and I confess I only do it when I know I'm going to have company that week. I still have to dust, clean 2 bathrms., and my stamp room needs serious tidying up. When I first moved into this house, I did so with the understanding that I'd have  cleaning service 2x a month. That happened for about 2 yrs. I found a lovely Mexican woman (a citizen 'bout that here in AZ?), who I now realize I didn't pay well. Wouldn't you know it, she got cancer and couldn't work anymore. At least that's what she told me! She calls me at Christmas and always asks if I have replaced her. My answer is always no and I ask after her health. Since she never volunteers to return, I never ask her to either. Now I can't afford to anyhow. UGH! I'm gonna vent a bit here. I didn't used to mind house-cleaning, even with a full-time job for many years, but now my husband is an invalid and I have the task of care-taking along with the house. I want out of here and bad.  Back to my cleaning only for company. We are moving in with my youngest dd, just as soon as we can get a short-sale. So I'm cleaning for the realtor. I don't know that it matters. She won't be buying the house. It's so sad that our house isn't worth the price we paid for it, and of course, we have the ubiquitous 2nd mortgage, hence, no equity whatsoever. I praise God that my dd wants us and though we will have many changes facing us, I will have only 2 rms. + bath to take care of. And one of those rooms is a craft room larger than what I have now. There's also the bonus of being with  2 of my grands (and a step-grand who is a sweetheart) whom I adore and my dd and sil are great people. I also get to cook less as we will share the duties and in a marvelous kitchen. Their house is beautiful. So there you have it...way more than you asked for, huh? Well this is a diary of sorts, so put your big girl panties on and realize how blessed you are and me too.
And finally, here's my card. It's a Magnolia image, the only one I own. My stampin' bud, El, has issues with her lack of a mouth. Once in a while, I put a little heart-shaped mouth on her, but don't post those cards as it has to be some sort of infringement on the designers' copyright, I'll bet. So don't go and tell anyone, OK? The papers are all from CTMH as is the bling. I used a Nesties for the ovals and the border is an EKS punch. The skin tone, which can be difficult on my own peeps, was done with Lyra Skin Tone pencils. They come 12 to a pkg., and I have never seen them anywhere except Hobby Lobby. Her outfit was fun to color too. The ribbon is from my stash and the snowflakes are a very old little punch I've had forever.
Well, we only  have Sunday left to the weekend. So be sure to stamp something for yourself. As for me, I shall continue cleaning the house, after church....and I'm gonna BBQ some spareribs. It's gonna be 65 tomorrow. Sorry mid-Westerners, I hear your pain....onward Christian soldier.
Blessings, Erica

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Deb Neerman said...

I love to read your posts; you're too funny and it's so nice to read about your life.

I'm not fond of these types of stamps ... the ones missing body parts. They just don't appeal to me. AT ALL. LOL, now I'M venting on your blog!

Love the card, though! The DP is gorgeous and the image is sooooo beautifully colored ... especially the skin tones. Just bee-you-tea-full, Erica!

Please don't worry about that stamp. I so appreciate the offer but since I became a Stampin' Up dem, I don't buy stamps from any other manufacturers. I have to do workshops with current sets, so I usually buy a few new sets when they're released. I love SU so it's not a sacrifice .. by any means! To tell the truth, I'd love to post nothing but SU sets 'cuz I love the product. Anyway, thank you so much for your kind offer to hunt that stamp down for me. I so appreciate your kindness to me; you're a doll! Thank you.

How lucky are you to live with your DD and your grands?!? It's a win-win for everyone ... especially the kids.

Have a great week and thanks again. You da bestest!