Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm always trying

Last week, I tried desperately to post some work. I was bummed...I don't know if Blogger was funky or if it was my laptop. At any rate, I paid our local geek $60 to come and "clean-up" my laptop and give me a few pointers of what I do wrong. He is always worth every penny, except I often can't remember half of what he said. But one of the things he reminded me of is to use the "right click." Don't know why, but I always forget that it can do lots of stuff. I usually just use it when downloading templates and it says "Save Target As." So, I do plan on at least working with the "right click."

Zach (his name), installed Picassa and said it is the best program (and free) for newbies who struggle with photos, uploading, emailing, attaching, you name it. So, now I will be spending ooodles of time becoming familiar with a new program. Well, let's hope I become a bit better at Picassa, than I was with Corel and Adobe Photoshop.

So, I'm posting one or two things, though I'm really winging it, 'cause I haven't done my homework. I am on a box kick. I love them, ever since I discovered Lauren Meader's blog. She gets more comments than any other stamping blogger I know. So the black, gold & craft paper box is one of her newest templates. You can buy them through Papertrey. I'm not linking 'cause so few read my blog. If you want deets, just leave me a comment. The other box is a freebie from SCS called the mini pizza box. It's adorable and is for my dh and will hold 2 gift cards for her B-Day. The card was "commissioned" by a friend for relatives 40th Anniversary. I had this paper from Costco and it velvety smooth...hope that shows up. Then the flower was a Michael's find and the stamp I've had forever. Anyway, she loved the card. I put it in a gauzy/muslin envelope I'd been hoarding and should have bought more of, 'cause it's nowhere to be found any longer. The whole thing made a lovely presentation. She wanted to pay me for it, but I consider my art creations a gift from God and hardly charge for them...except for a buck from my dh, for the principle...if you know what I'm talkin' about.

Hope you have a great Sunday. Don't forget to rest, no matter what that means to you.


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