Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just a Reflection

Dear Katie Renz passed away Monday morning. I had been subscribing to her blog, My Paper Haven, (see my blog list), well before she announced her cancer. I never missed a post. She was so very brave. So much so that she shared many details during the course of her journey. I needed to hear it, having two close relatives die from cancer, but never being allowed to share in their struggle. Yes, I say that, because I don't believe we should leave out our loved ones when it comes to this issue...such a shallow word. My feeling is that we need to know, we need to be involved. I so appreciate what Katie did for me. I am sure I will ramble if I go on, as it's late.

Rest in peace Katie and may your family find the strength to go on, changed, but with the sure knowledge of your love for them.


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