Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stuff We Need

So legionnaires....I told ya' about this 3D project I was workin' on....that if I liked it and the intended giftee liked it, I'd be makin' these for holiday gifts. Well, my very organized dd does like it and uses it, so I will be making these. If you like what you see, you can watch a video and get all the deets on Stamp TV here  Note....Blogger is not letting me link......please see my sidebar for the StampTV badge. The tute is called Kitchen Counter Organizer and it consists of 4 parts. But it's worth the effort. Kinda' reminds me of the "lunchcans" we decorated to hold cards. Remember those. I couldn't find a stamp to fit the front of the box, so I made one on my PC.
So, have a good evening and get readly for the weekend. Hope you have something fun planned. For me, that's blurfing and makin' cards.
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