Thursday, August 28, 2008

UGH, More Medicine

Today was an emotional day for me. I have sworn not to get nuts about the convention. I've never done it before, so why now. Well, of course, there is an obvious reason if you know my ethnicity. Regardless of whether one is a Republican or Democrat, you can not help but understand what the candidacy of Barack Obama means to this country. I have been in tears because, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would live to see the day that a black man would be selected for this position. At this point, I don't doubt that he has a real chance to go all the way, but if he doesn't,. I, for one, will go to my grave more proud of what this country has done than I could ever imagine. I hope and pray that ALL Americans understand what a historic moment this is and then vote with their conscious.

Well, on top of all the convention hoopla, I had a routine Dr. appt., and my labs were not good. On top of the blood pressure meds I take, I have to take potassium meds as well. My kidneys are OK, but they could be better. It seems they may have been damaged unbeknownst to me some time ago and my hypertension probably went undiagnosed for some time. And there I was telling my husband how sorry I felt for him since I was the picture of health and didn't have to take any medicine. So I have to have a kidney ultrasound and we go from there. YUCK. At 59, I just feel I'm too young for this to be happening. And to top it off, I have to pay out of pocket because I haven't met my deductible yet, and probably won't this year. Oh there's more. I am having a crown put in on a molar in September and my deductible hasn't been met for that little ditty either.

Oh, and my precious little Westie is on 3 new meds and she is breathing much better, but just lays there like a lump. She is constipated, has hardly any appetite and is lethargic. Absolutley no quality of life. I let the vet talk me into keeping her alive for a while longer. But frankly, this ain't my idea of alive. I remember her tearing around my backyard with a toy while I tried valiently to catch her. Oh the sweet fun memories I have of her. Funny thing, though. My other dog, an older mut "Left on my doorstep by my DH," thinks she has to take care of her friend and alerts me if things don't seem right. She sits right by her...something she never did before, and whimpers when she thinks it's appropriate

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