Wednesday, August 20, 2008

TechnoStamper Sketch #31

Hi no one (well still no one has visited me even though it really is true that I really have gotten better at this. Anywho, here is my 2nd try at a challenge. I found this one very easy and I even tried some photo editing of the card, becuz' the card ds is quite dark. I don't think anyone did a Christmas card and I need to make about 45 this year. This is #5. I need to stop designing now and start actually producing en mass.

So this card is just some green cardstock, blue,white and 2 ds sheets from a pad from Joanne's. I stamped the blue piece with a snowflake from SU's very old Christmas Globe set. Would you believe that I first started getting SU sets, I didn't realize I should put the title sticker on the box. BIG DAH! Fortunately, I only mounted 2 sets w/o the title. Now that I am a demo, I don't take it for granted that customers know they are supposed to do this.

Well, I hope someone chances on this card. I am going to make my usual foray into uploading it onto TechnoStamper's blog and hope that I don't make a mess of it like I did the first sketch I did back in July. I have removed that awful mess (the card was awful too) from my blog. Next year, I will try to better utilize that cute stamp. BTW, the stamp used today is a Hampton Arts Stamp. I always loved their stamps...don't think they're still around.

Blessings, Erica


Selina Kingston said...

Hi there Erica,

Just come across your blog. Like you, I'm new to it all but you seem to be doing well.

Love your cards.

If you have a moment, will you take a look at my blog and let me know what you think?

MJ said...

What a neat idea to use those words in the circle. Great job on the challenge and your blog is doing great don't stress it. It takes time. Thanks for playing along with my challenge.

Kerry D-C said...

Great job with the sketch!! Blogging is really put yourself "out there". But it takes awhile to build up a reader base. And with there being SO MANY blogs it is easy to become lost in the shuffle. But just keep plugging away and doing your thing!

Carol Johnston said...

Hi there I liked your Techno sketch challenge #31 you did really well for just a second try at a sketch challenge. It is hard keeping up with blogging. I know i have great intentions with mine and then some how only get to it once a week at the present time.
Love the work you do though