Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cards...What Would I do Without Them?

Last night I was sick as a dog with indigestion. I fully realize that I cannot eat after 7PM, especially if it is rich and fatty food. No matter what projects I have goin', I've got to stop and cook at a decent time. Well, you must want to know what I made. It's no easy task to please my finicky husband. As he has aged and with his diabetes, he doesn't enjoy food as much as he used to. It's often a chore for me to come up with something he and I will enjoy. Sooo, I made stewed short ribs (boneless), white rice -- he won't eat brown which is so much healthier, string beans which I cooked in a little bacon fat. Then I pulled out a cake recipe from 10 yrs. ago I had never tried called 1-2-3-4 Cake with caramel icing. It was delish. The enire meal was delish. Hubby complimented me on it even though it was 8PM before we ate and 9:30 for the cake. I knew better as I have a 10 yr. history with heartburn and indigestion and IBS. My insides are messed up. I'm beating myself up because, my situation is so preventable. So tonite, we ate the leftovers, since I didn't get much sleep the nite before and hubby enjoyed it so much. This time, we ate at 6PM and I ate half as much food. I also took an antacid before I ate. I'm kind of leery of going to bed, but I have prayed about it and tomorrow/today, I'll behave.
So this card is one I put into a swap of images for Joan Switalski (Skicio on SCS). I decided to post a card with the image for her to see, but won't be linking it up until I know she has the image in her hands. I didn't give her my blog name, so she has no idea. I can't wait to see the images she sends me. There will be 7 different ones...or maybe its 14 since I signed up for 2 different images.
Swaps are fun, aren't they?
Later this week, I'm going to post about 10 cards that I plan on sending to "CardMaker" mag., This month they are collecting cards of encouragement to send to cancer survivors. I'm too broke these days to make contributons to worthy organizations, but I can contribute my cards. I will try to post a link at that time to their magazine. Remember, I'm very new at this link thing...not to mention blogging.
Thanks for reading and remember...Today Is the First Day...
P.S. If you want the deets on the card, leave a request in "Comments"

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