Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Packaging for Church Volunteers

Hi everyone.
I've been super busy with baking cookies, and quick breads, helping my dd with a Bible Study Party and of course, making cards and packaging. I lead a 20 or so mixed group of teens and adults who are responsible for our church pre-K children's ministry. We never know from one week to the next what to expect. But we keep serving. My little awesome group deserves a little something, so I got these ready to give out Sunday along with home-baked cookies.

Since I get easily bored making the same old thing, I couldn't stick with one kind of packaging, so I ended up with quite a variety including paper mugs, paper bags, and chipboard boxes. Each contains some anti-bacterial hand-soap, (an item we use a lot of with little ones), Godiva chocolates and Twix, or Milky Ways, get the pic. I'm aware the teens will probably toss the packaging, but I'm hoping they'll at least show their moms before they do.

We don't have a card ministry, choosing instead to send out store-bought cards. We are a rather a large membership, but I'd so love to get a group of gals doing this once in awhile. I am praying about the logistics and for the courage to actually approach leadership with my ideas.

So, now it's on to wrapping least fave thing to do, and preparing my Christmas dinner menu.

God Bless.


Sandra H said...

Oh wow Erica, You really have been busy these are just so gorjess!! x

Linda said...

They are beautiful, Erica! Greetings from Montreal, Canada.