Monday, May 9, 2011

Teacher's Appreciation Week card


It was Teacher's Appreciation Week last week, and oh how very much I appreciate
them, for my daughter, my grandchildren, and yes, for myself. They should be
called miracle workers and it goes without saying, they can never be paid enough for what they are asked to do these days. I sometimes reflect on teachers who I had the good fortune to be taught by more than 45 years ago. Many still linger in my heart because I recognized then, and now, how much they were contributing to my education. I remember their names and how they looked. I wish I could do more
for teachers of today and if my life journey changes I have some ideas I hope to put into play. For now, I will make cards for my grands to give and add a little gift card too. I know they do appreciate it.

So this card is made using a very versatile Flourishes set I just love, called Mugs & Things. I believe I warned you you'd see more of it. Copics were used for the coloring. I am improving here, but I still want Promarkers and won't be buying more Copics....just too expensive for my budget. That's a little hand-sewing you see and the bling for a little pizzaz. I've used ds papes from my splurge a few weeks ago.

Got a gift card for Mother's Day to Michaels. So I will be some new goodies soon. Also a Tassimo coffeemaker I have coveted and beautiful flowers. I also got a Tassimo coffee-maker. I had been wanting one of these babies for a year. It makes robustcoffee. The latest health info says coffee goes a long way toward preventing diabetes. So I had to have it....GRIN!  Here is a pic for your enjoyment. I didn't "set-up" the flowers properly...forgive the tags.

Hugs & Blessings,
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Dolly Daydreams said...

I totally agree with you that teachers are not nearly well paid enough! Your card is so lovely and so beautifully coloured such a pretty bouquet .


Scrapaddict said...

Your coloring is fantastic!

Anonymous said...
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