Friday, April 15, 2011

Fussy card

Hi legionnaires. I mentioned that once in a while I'd be making a fussy know, a Becca Feeken style....though. as also mentioned before, I will never come close to her works of pure art. Anyway, here is my fussy card for the month. I needed a card for a friend who's elderly family friend and neighbor had passed away suddenly. Anytime, I put a silk bow, flower, hemp, and stickpins all on one card, you better believe I classify it as "fussy". I didn't know how else to use this birdcage, and I desperately wanted to use it. I have a ton of doilies now...collected from tables following a luncheon. Wanna laugh. My friend's handsome City of Phoenix husband actually assisted me in collecting. I was so shocked to see this quite sweet soft side of him. He got more than I did. Stickpins kinda' freak me out...I'm so scared that they will poke someone looking at the card. So I was very careful to push its point well into the bow. I'm too lazy to give all the deets, so I will only do it if someone makes a request in my comments. Are you all ready for Easter. I am making baskets for my two granddaughters. I never made them for my children. Gee, being a grandparent sure is different. Have a great weekend and don't forget to stamp....Less Is More will post their challenge early Saturday. Go check it out and don't forget my Simply Create....still time to get your project with eggs posted. Blessings and Hugs, Erica
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Rose said...

this is beautiful !!! love the cage image :)

Scrapaddict said...

Love this, the mix of colors is beautiful.