Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Cupcakes

Good afternoon legionnaires. I have accomplished absolutely nothing today. Well, I did eat breakfast and now it's lunchtime. I stayed in my PJs all day. I did find a great tute by Heidi Blankenship (her first, hopefully, not her last) on how to make flowers with a scallop Nestie. And then wonders upon wonders, I made a few. Most of the time, I download vides never to be returned to again. I know...sad, huh? And I can't even say they're for when I retire, since I already am! I even did a bit of experimenting of my own with pleasing results. Soo, I'll have to hustle after lunch. I have to make a banana cream pie, write a letter to my 88 yr. old aunt back east., and alas, clean my stamp room which is a total shambles. Dinner will be leftovers.

So here is an easel calendar. And these are my chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. They are my grands, Melea and Sienna and are 6 months apart. This pic was all I wanted for last Mothers' Day. Since my vanilla one is in CA, and mom is ridicously busy, it took some doing. But I love our photo, so I put it to good use and sent it on to CA. I had plans to make lots more of these, but, well, you know....the best laid plans of woman. Anywho, it was easy peasy and fun to make. I get to have my little family together for Easter and since the last time we were together was T-Day, I'm excited. I am so very blessed.
Hugs and Blessings to You.
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choupynette said...

The colours are striking! beautiful!

Scrapaddict said...

What cuties they are! You all look fabulous!