Saturday, May 1, 2010

Emboss On Emboss #2

Afternoon legionnaires. Thought I'd post another of the emboss on emboss cards with a lil' twist...the flower...before we're off to church. Goin to the Saturday service and then dinner out...Whoopie, the dh is back! Thanks you Lord, for the blessing of the van. It's quite pretty and we have Siruis radio for a 90 day trial. He likes it so much that we're going to subscribe. The van is super-easy for him to get into and the "tie-downs" are simple to do. We went to Pep Boys yesertday and bought a new sun-shade, tote for the back to hold the groceries and a floor mat for me. I'm gonna work on trickin' my ride. I have to find something froggy first foremost and I may splurge for a custom license plate while I'm at it. We will have GPS too, but Chrysler does theirs with a disk that needs to be updated yearly, so we're waiting for that in the mail. We also have a DVD for the grands, but no remote and no headphones, so we have to see about those. Our dd, sil and grands are all impressed with our new wheels. It's been a while, so we are blessed.
So, if I'm scarce, you'll know where we least until the novelty of it all wears off.
Happy Cruisin'
P.S. Don't take your vehicle for granted. I read somewhere that only 15% of the worlds' population have one...let alone 2 which is the norm for the U.S.
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Scrapaddict said...

Congrats on the van purchase! You should post pics. Such a lovely card and I will keep saying until you do ---- submit for challenges ---- you work is beautiful! Try Cardvaarks this fits their monochromatic challenge.

Deb Neerman said...

Woohoo! So glad to hear that the van issue is resolved!

Gorgeous card, Erica .. love how you used these embossing folders! You should do a tutorial .. hint, hint.