Sunday, January 4, 2009

The New Year Is Here...

And I don't know how much better it will be than last year, but I have high hopes. I'm gonna try to blog 3x a week. And not be tooo disappointed if I get only get a few readers...but GOSH, I'd appreciate it if I could get just a few. Otherwise, this isn't going to be anything other than a diary for me.

So, I did manage to make all my Christmas cards (posted very few) and I made Lauren Meader's "Keepsake boxes." for 8 of my DD's co-workers. I also made 14 calendars that fit into jewel cases and used Lauren's cd covers. They really impressed my Bible Study friends. So, I had quite a productive stamping season.

Now it's on to a birthday card for my pal El, who celebrates on the 10th. She gets a gift card to one of her fave craft stores too.

Here's another one that I might use instead.

Then I'll be posting Valentine cards. So stay tuned. Here's the B-Day card.

All the Best,


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