Monday, April 14, 2014

My very first stamp

Hi Stampers. I'm expecting to have a busy week as we lead-up to Easter. I signed up to volunteer with the children's ministry for two services and I will need to actually attend one, so that makes for a very busy Sunday morning. Fortunately, I'm not planning on doing lots of cooking. Just a baked ham, sweet potatoes, a veggie and maybe a cheesecake for dessert.

So here's a fun card using a frog...which I'm known in my family for collecting. I also got my first and only tattoo of a frog on my 62nd birthday. I wear it proudly I must say. Though I'm told tats can be addictive, I'm satisfied with one only and am quite content to hone my stamping addiction instead. So this stamp is literally my first rubber stamp, purchased in the mid-90s. I was working in a tightly run office and wanted something whimsical to put on notepads...ahem, I had no idea what digital images were, though my daughter was a graphic arts major. I would stamp this froggie in the corner of notes I sent to staff and I kinda became recognized for them. Thus, began a love affair with many things frog. I limit myself drastically these days to an occasional frog image, as I live with my daughter and family. They don't exactly share my adoration of these creatures, though they do indulge me with a frog gift now and then. I'm good with that.

No details on my card, as I have to get on the dumb treadmill for my 40 minutes of walking. Blah blah, blah, Unfortunately, it's part of keeping off the 22 lbs. I've lost in the last year. I was supposed to be there hours ago, but I made two adorable cards instead. :D



Sandra H said...

Oh Erica this is truly one lovely creation so beautifully presented xx

Darnell J Knauss said...

Love, love, love your card, Erica! I am a frog lover, too, and used to have every room in the house filled with froggie stuff. I went away for a couple of weeks to help a sister out a few years ago and when I came back, I realized that my frogs had gotten a little out of hand. {cough} Then I discovered rubber stamps and I get my froggie fix that way, same as you! I have this guy and I adore how you've colored him!!

With Easter and company, I'll be busy, too, and may not be back for a while, so I'll wish you Happy Easter/Spring!! Hugs, Darnell