Friday, March 21, 2014

Stone Paper? That's what the Kickstarter says.

I'm such a sucker for beautiful paper. So when I saw this video from do know what and who this innovative company is right? I'm a huge fan. Just google if you don't.
So, YouTube had this video.

I am so intrigued by this and went right on over to give my encouragement. I hope they get the funding. It sounds exciting.

I just purchased a package of disposable fountain pens by Pilot Varsity. I love fountain pens, but the nicer ones can be quite costly. Preferring to spend my dollars on stamping related items, these fit into my budget at 9 pens for $21.00 plus shipping for me as I'm prime. Did you hear they are going up on the membership to $99. Groan! Not sure if I want to pay that much yearly. I don't order more than one or two items per month...nothing huge, just crafty or cooking things mostly.
Go on over to Amazon and check them out.
By the way, I was enabled by Natasha Hensel. She blogs quite regularly and on quite a variety of subjects.

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