Thursday, May 23, 2013

StarKitty...just doin' her J.O.B

Well some of us have very important things to do it would seem. My 5 yr. old black cat whom the family adores, (some after professing they were not cat-people), was in our backyard with me a few days ago. While I tended to some potted plants, she was quite busy. Needless to say, I screamed and ran inside. After stalking around in front of the door begging to be let in so she could play with her new "toy," I ran quick to get my cell and took this interesting photo. StarKitty didn't know which end to play with first. Of course, once dispensed to lizard heaven, she was whisked inside and her mouth got washed she didn't mind.

A more post-worthy card to come tomorrow.



Sandra H said...

Oh naughty pussy thank you for sharing this Erica you do know that cats bring you presents was this for oh isn't she a darling xx

Diane MoneyGoolsby said...

Hi, Erica: Well---this is a first for me--I'd never heard of 'washing a kitty's mouth'---yes,I've done that to my son's mouth when he'd said a 'brown' or 'bad' word--but never a kitty--she'd just brought you a present because she love you--I had a good chuckle--hugs---Diane

fun stamping said...

Mmmmhh, tasty snack! Well, that's what cats are supposed to do!