Sunday, December 19, 2010

I've been soooo busy...

Hi legionnaires. I have been up to my neck in gifts for dd's co-workers, my friends and grand's  teachers, and as usual, I didn't start early enough. But from the response of giftees so far, they are lovin' what I made. I will post pics and deets shortly. I'll give you a little hint now though.Candles and tea and candy. In the meantime, Office Max is offering a cute chance to "Elf Yoursef' in a You Tube vide and after watching Ashley Newell Cannon's on her blog
I decided to take the plunge and what's mine. Merry Christmas. Hope you'll play along.

Now don't go just yet. Obviously, no one liked my sticker card of last week, so I'm posting
this one  and I hope you will like it better.
The photo was taken with the card laying down. I'm not sure that was a good idea. It appears smaller than
what it is. I'm too pooped to write the deets and blogger is doing some strange things. I suppose it's tired too, so let me know if you'd like them. In the meantime, be well and I hope you're almost done with your holiday shopping.
Blessings, Erica (who is not!).


Anonymous said...

Matt will be happy you gave Office Max a plug on your blog....:) Heather

Scrapaddict said...

Love this card! Hope you and your family had a marvelous CHRISTmas holiday. HAPPY NEW YEAR!