Friday, February 15, 2013

And I Sold It!

Over at Simply Create Too, it was all about Valentine's Day...I missed out on getting up my post as I was in the agony and ecstacy of moving. Yes, we are moved. We're-located only two miles away, but it still involved packing, hauling, and un-packing. Our new home has a very different layout from our former one and my entire family is pleased with it. We are in a totallly different neighborhood and the grands didn't have to change schools. I think even my little dog likes it better.

My rooms are a bit smaller, but both the future craftroom and my bedroom lend themselves to decorating rather nicely. I am skimping on my bedroom, so I can comfortably afford my craftroom and for the first time in many years will not have a TV in it. It was my dh who wanted it and I confess, I did enjoy it too, but I want the room to be used differently. As for my craftroom, I have both a downside and upside. It will have several custom pieces and so will take up to two months to complete. The upside is it's going to be gorgeous. I just hope I don't have withdrawal symptoms towards the last month. I hope to stave them off by reading, enjoying cooking in my gourmet kitchen (gas at last vs. electric), and washing clothes...yes, you read it right. I have my own washer & dryer in my bedroom suite, while my kids and grands have theirs upstairs. No more waiting my turn on weekends.

I have a fun thing to tell you about this card. The cabinet-maker Bob,  had asked me if he could see some samples of what my craft was prior to us talking about my dream craftroom. This was one of several cards I brought to his shop. When he saw this one, he pounced on it asking if I would sell it. Of course I did and he gave me twice my asking price ($1.00, more on that in another post) telling me that no one understands the care that goes into making things he ever telling the truth. In addition to being a cabinet-maker, he was a clock-maker in his "hippie" days. Then his boss came in and he also bought a Valentine's Day card. What fun that was. His boss also asked me to make him 20 all occasion cards, which I of course quickly agreed to reminding him that he could count on my best work once my room was completed. He said it would be his incentive.

So, now you'd probably rather not read about my card, so I'll spare you the deets. Though I won't have any cards to show for awhile, I will be posting some thoughts I have concerning all manner of things. I can't promise the eloquence that I have the pleasure of enjoying on the many blogs I read, but you will get honesty and a laugh now and then.

Thanks for sticking around.