Monday, June 14, 2010

Here We Go....

Posted by PicasaSo, here is one of the three empty walls...the room is a bit odd-shaped with no closets, so we will have to maximize all the wall space. One of the walls has a window facing east that has lots of bright sun coming in for the first half day. This is perfect since I usually stamp in the morning and then again late at night.

This is my SIL, hard at work. He's my master cabinet installer, plumber and overall  fixer upper and he is going to install stereo/video system  for our suite. My DH is so excited. It's gonna be gojus when it's through. 
Now, on to other fun stuff. Janice here has asked me to play a cute game that's quite different from others you may have seen. We are to tell truths or lies and you are to guess which they are. I'm giving you six statements. One group of statements are lies with one truth and the other group of statements are truths with one lie. Get it? You have to decide which I am telling. If you guess correctly, you get an RAK from me. My deadline is June 20th. Here I go.

1. I was a breeder of Japanese Akitas.

2. I was employed as a producer at ABC Network News.

3. I didn't learn to drive until I was 43 years old.

4. I am the only member of my family who can't sit in the "criss cross applesauce" position.
    (In my day, this was known as indian fashion...I think it's politically incorrect now)

5. I read the "One Year Bible" in four months.

6. I won first place in 6th grade for the annual Spelling Bee.

OK, so I'll be checking back here for responses in a few days. I'll also add some pics of the "almost finished" craftroom.

Hugs & Blessings,


Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm back...sorta'

Hello legionnaires. I have been so busy it's surreal! And at the end of the day, I'm famished and exhausted. My room is not ready yet. Remember those great plans my dd and sil had for me. Well, they kinda' forgot that these things cost money. My sil is an excellent carpenter, but like most of us has limited time on his hands. Sooo, we resorted to Ikea, which has a variety of crafty good furniture/cabinetry to choose from.He will put them together and tweek to suit.  Sooo, we were able to afford one short wall of upper cabinets and that's it for now. I will add as the good Lord gives me the OK to spend. I had no cabinets at all back in my own home, using iris carts, cubes and whatever else struck my fancy for storage. Sometimes, it was awkward or cumbersome, but I got used to it and rarely misplaced anything. I will share pics of the mess tomorrow and then with the first installment of installs the following day. In the meantime, I've been surfing the web whenever I have had a spare moment. Today, I found an app for the iphone that scrapbookers will love. Previously, I provided a link for an app for cardmakers. Here's a direct link to a video about this latest app.
Scrapbooker app for iphone

Hugs & Blessings,