Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Less Is More Challenge no. 445

Today, it finally rained for five entire minutes. Our drought continues and fires loom in many parts of the state. I am praying.

So to ease the strain, a bit, here is my card for Less Is More. I haven't been participating for quite some time, but it's a favorite challenge of mine and I'm certain for many of you who want to try your hand at enjoying white space on a card. 

I just happened to have this tiny book diecut laying on my desk. It's been around for months and was cut using my very old Scan 'N Cut. I thought coloring the books blue with a touch of yellow and the interesting die from AliExpress would work. For the sentiment, I used a stencil called Mantras, from Dina Wakely. When we read, we seek and more often than not, find wonders. I love to read and wish I did more. Alas, the world wide web and, of course, creating cards, gets in the way. Hope you enjoy my card, or better still, a good book.



Thursday, June 17, 2021

Well Into the Year...but can you blame me?

 Hello Everyone,

Yes, it's been that long and my excuse is standard...COVID!

Moving right along. My card takes advantage of an abundance of lace from Amazon and both an embossing and a rose diecut from Ali Express. I ran an oxide ink pad, (speckled egg) over the embossing folder prior to running it through my Spellbinders Platinum machine, to get a bit of color. I've gold embossed the sentiment from my stash onto an AliExpress tag. 

I'm pleased with the results, but can't seem to make it larger for your enjoyment. Blogger has changed a few of their features. Well, what did I expect? It's been a while.



P.S. I think it's large enough, but I can't find where to enhance the photo. Give me time. I have more cards to post. I've been busy creating, but not posting.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Just Before the End of the Year...I'm BACK!!

Hi everyone. I hope the title doesn't come across as a shout. And yet, I am quite happy. I paid for grandson for his Mac Pro and put my Surface with the dreaded Windows in mothballs. I may give it to one of my grand-daughter. Just know, I'm so excited to be rid of it. Even using it for more three years, I never fell in love with it like I have for a Mac. So now, finally all the tech I own is Apple...YES! I hope you've been weathering the Covid storm. We had it in my family and it tried its best to linger, but it's gone with no hospitalization. Since I'm a senior (living at home), with the way things ae going, if I can hold out for 3 to 4 months, I may be able to get the vaccine. i had qualms about it while it was being developed, but not anymore. If I can get a flu shot yearly, there is no reason why I shouldn't get this particular flu shot. I'm feeling as though it's worth the risk as I'm on the healthy side of 70. I have for you here, my newest interes, a junk journal. I've made three different ones, but since it's Christmas season, this is the one I'll show. It's not on You Tube, as I don't have the best camera and voice set-up, so for now, just stills will have to do. I haven't given up on cards yet, but probably will. At some point, my family will move and if I go with, I will need to give up my craftroom. Junk journaling is less space least it appears to be from the vloggers I watch. Tell me what you think of my envelope junk journal modeled after several people, but in particular, 49 dragonflies on YT.
I'll be back with a few cards as the month goes on. Blessings, Erica

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Test Only on Used Macbook

 I want to see if I can download pics the way I used to when I had a Mac and not a Windows PC. Lately, my Surface Pro doesn't want to play nice with my iPhone 11.

Well, there it is, now I have to get all my newer photos to download from the Cloud. We'll see.

Hugs & Blessings,


Thursday, May 28, 2020

Simply Create Too challenge #

Hi friends,

I’m going to be short and to the point with this post. I’m having a rough time with my Windows laptop and uploading photos from my IPhone 11. I’m on my IPad now to see if I have better luck .
Simply Create Too is moving through this Quarantine. All our members are far as I know👏🏾.
I say a prayer for us and our families now and then.

The red team’s theme is flowers this month. I used paper to play up mine and here it is.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

So Much For My New Years' Resolution & SCT Challenge no. 158, Shaped Card

Hi Friends,

It would seem that those of you who, read this, as I write,  are in for a ride of our lifetimes. Having never had to experience smallpox, polio and the dreaded black plague, this is say the least.

I find hanging out in my craft room, which I highly recommend to those above 65 years on earth is the one sure way I have to assuage my anguish. I have suffered with mild anxiety for years, so it's heightened for sure.

I do retrieve three 12 yr. old grands after school and keep them until their parents come to my house to get them. That's going to be a health challenge. What a bummer, since they've finally learned to get along fairly well and leave grandma to her own devices. Well, school is officially closed until April 3rd, after which our community will be given further instructions. Sadly, that leaves me quite exposed to the virus. My efforts to avoid crowds may be for naught and I am, frankly, having to think about the reality of ceasing my earthly life.

I don't think I'm being a pessimist. Quite the opposite in fact, a realist. I am taking stock of my life. I am making certain all my paperwork is in order. I had already given explicit instructions on several other issues that arise only after death. There will be one or two minor loose ends. My progeny can handle it. They're in their 40s.

Well, enough of feeling a bit frightened and sorry for myself, having been assured a few months ago by my primary care doctor, that I could realistically look at living to 85.   Another 15 yrs., in my right mind, of course, is something to look forward to. Yet, my reality means different things to me now. And so, when my youngest daughter hugged me with all her might and told me what a great mother and example I had been to her, I stood very still and when we tearfully broke apart, there was a sense that the moment was pivotal in our lives.

So, this stair-step card takes me back to my childhood. Does anyone eat corn flakes anymore? The sentiment is a good one for the times we live in. Whatever gets you through this eventful chapter in our lives...DO IT!

The SCT challenge is here. We're a monthly challenge.  Come join us and have some fun.


Wednesday, February 5, 2020

February Birthdays

Hi Friends,

There are several birthdays in my family this month, along with Valentine's lots of reasons to make cards. I was able to use my on-hand stash for everything and that makes me quite happy. Since, I'm planning to re-focus my creativity from cards to 3D items and junk journals with planner stuff thrown in for good measure, I'm doing my best not to buy new stuff.

These two cards are for a grand-daughter turning 12, and a god-daughter turning 53. They share the same birthday and finally got to meet each other at a family re-union in Jamaica W.I., last summer. It brought my heart great joy because I love them both so very much.

So, here they are.

La la Land Crafts kits make wonderful child images and that's what my grand is getting. The second card was made using a stencil of the suns' rays as the focal point. 

I'm also entering these cards to Always Fun Challenges, #148, Anything Goes, and
 Crafty Animals, challenge no. 35, Anything Goes. And one more...Daisy Chain Challenges, no. 38.

So, hopefully you'll have time this month to make a few cards. I love checking out blogs for inspiration.