Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Closing in on Easter Sunday

Hi Friends,

Here comes Easter. I won't be wearing a bonnet. In fact, I can count the times on one hand in the last  20 years that I've covered my head at all. The hat industry is flat. Here's a bit of flotsom info. As a young woman newly arrived in New York City, a dear friend of mine was employed in a haberdashery. Ask someone less than 40 what that means. She also made ladies gloves with fine leathers and other materials. 

Here's my first of three Easter cards I hope to share before next week. 

I was determined to make a card with a kit, so here I've used an Authentique kit.

I'm certainly in a blue and yellow mood what with the Ukranian people so beleaguered.




Saturday, March 12, 2022

Closing in on St. Patrick's Day

As St. Patrick's Day comes closer, I realize not much attention is being paid it here in the Southwest US. When I lived back east in New York, there was a parade and almost everyone wore something green....Irish or not. There's no parade here in Arizona, and little mention of the day. 

This gets me wondering whether or not there's much of an Irish population here. I'll have to pay attention this year. Apparently, I haven't been.

Well, I do have about 1/16th Irish blood according to I can actually trace it and have photos of my paternal great-grandmother who came by ship as so many Irish immigrants did in the midst of the potato famines. She was thrust into life in 

nefarious Hell's Kitchen on the lower east side of Manhattan. She didn't take to it one bit, so when a handsome smooth-talking "Negro" came selliong his vegetables from a horse-drawn wagon all the way from upstate New York, she didn't hesitate long. 

In the beautiful rolling hills of Catskill, Mary (nee Owens), bore 9 children..some not living past infancy. She was a staunch Catholic and worked as housekeeper for the local rectory's priests. We have a few stories of her life to cherish, passed over decades. We know how stories can be embellished. However, I like to envision her as this feisty older lady here on my card. The image and sentiment are from Art Impressions. She's a whole lot of sass...just sayin'. 

A Whole Lotta Sass!



Monday, March 7, 2022

I Feel for the Ukranian People

It's so difficult to watch on television. I keep shaking my head and repeating, "There but for the grace of God go I." I sub to Jennifer McGuire's YT channel and she is suggesting that we do a little card therapy to keep the monsters in check...aka, anxiety and depression. We all know the Ukraine flag colors, right? I created this card. My blue may be a bit too dark. What is that blue color called? If anyone knows, please comment below. The yellow is an SU long ago retired and for me it says, "Ukranian people, may you see sunshine in your lives very soon."

Keep the Ukranian people in your prayers.


Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Less Is More Challenge no. 445

Today, it finally rained for five entire minutes. Our drought continues and fires loom in many parts of the state. I am praying.

So to ease the strain, a bit, here is my card for Less Is More. I haven't been participating for quite some time, but it's a favorite challenge of mine and I'm certain for many of you who want to try your hand at enjoying white space on a card. 

I just happened to have this tiny book diecut laying on my desk. It's been around for months and was cut using my very old Scan 'N Cut. I thought coloring the books blue with a touch of yellow and the interesting die from AliExpress would work. For the sentiment, I used a stencil called Mantras, from Dina Wakely. When we read, we seek and more often than not, find wonders. I love to read and wish I did more. Alas, the world wide web and, of course, creating cards, gets in the way. Hope you enjoy my card, or better still, a good book.



Thursday, June 17, 2021

Well Into the Year...but can you blame me?

 Hello Everyone,

Yes, it's been that long and my excuse is standard...COVID!

Moving right along. My card takes advantage of an abundance of lace from Amazon and both an embossing and a rose diecut from Ali Express. I ran an oxide ink pad, (speckled egg) over the embossing folder prior to running it through my Spellbinders Platinum machine, to get a bit of color. I've gold embossed the sentiment from my stash onto an AliExpress tag. 

I'm pleased with the results, but can't seem to make it larger for your enjoyment. Blogger has changed a few of their features. Well, what did I expect? It's been a while.



P.S. I think it's large enough, but I can't find where to enhance the photo. Give me time. I have more cards to post. I've been busy creating, but not posting.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Just Before the End of the Year...I'm BACK!!

Hi everyone. I hope the title doesn't come across as a shout. And yet, I am quite happy. I paid for grandson for his Mac Pro and put my Surface with the dreaded Windows in mothballs. I may give it to one of my grand-daughter. Just know, I'm so excited to be rid of it. Even using it for more three years, I never fell in love with it like I have for a Mac. So now, finally all the tech I own is Apple...YES! I hope you've been weathering the Covid storm. We had it in my family and it tried its best to linger, but it's gone with no hospitalization. Since I'm a senior (living at home), with the way things ae going, if I can hold out for 3 to 4 months, I may be able to get the vaccine. i had qualms about it while it was being developed, but not anymore. If I can get a flu shot yearly, there is no reason why I shouldn't get this particular flu shot. I'm feeling as though it's worth the risk as I'm on the healthy side of 70. I have for you here, my newest interes, a junk journal. I've made three different ones, but since it's Christmas season, this is the one I'll show. It's not on You Tube, as I don't have the best camera and voice set-up, so for now, just stills will have to do. I haven't given up on cards yet, but probably will. At some point, my family will move and if I go with, I will need to give up my craftroom. Junk journaling is less space least it appears to be from the vloggers I watch. Tell me what you think of my envelope junk journal modeled after several people, but in particular, 49 dragonflies on YT.
I'll be back with a few cards as the month goes on. Blessings, Erica

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Test Only on Used Macbook

 I want to see if I can download pics the way I used to when I had a Mac and not a Windows PC. Lately, my Surface Pro doesn't want to play nice with my iPhone 11.

Well, there it is, now I have to get all my newer photos to download from the Cloud. We'll see.

Hugs & Blessings,